Mythology, Fantasy and Eye candy’s new address – Life Ok

Gone are the days when mythology earned a collective groan from the youngsters. The young age that did not want to watch tales that were a part of the ancient lore. They were more interested in the new age euphonic videos, movies with animation and vfx effects. Youngsters would much elect watching the latest reality shows on television. In today’s scenario in walked a new TV channel Life Ok alongside an aim to difference viewer’s opinion about mythological und so weiter fantasy stories. New look, slick editing, great picturisation and storylines with teeth were used to get viewer eyeballs. In a run up to Life Ok shows being aired, teaser ads and promotions plus shows being introduced by the dazzling diva Madhuri dixit whetted the appetite of viewers.

Mythology was re-introduced in viewer homes and this time the protagonist was none other than the God of God’s Lord Shiva. It is a story that is well researched with a new edge and new age direction. If this was not enough then another Life Ok show based on fantasy, like Savitri that grabbed the attention of the children and adults alike. In a run-up that has been changing Life Ok shows have touched upon every possible storyline with family drama in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, revenge as its theme in Do Dil…Ek Jaan and the newest entrant The Bachelorette India with Malika Sherawat as the bachelorette.

Mahadev Calling…

Life OK show’s launch epic mythology Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, has managed to grab the interest of children, adults, and even the elderly since it began last year, and still going strong. What has kept the viewer’s hooked is the main protagonist, his looks and his affected skills adjacent with other actors playing characters that are suited to them. The storyline is strong et cetera has showcased episodes that we know of but get to experience again with the novel subsistence retold through Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’s eye. The get up’s, props and whereabouts consumed are appropriate, ornate and opulent as the story demands with each character having a set look. The male lead playing Mahadev redhanded the eye of women, men and children with his chiseled looks, adequate height and histrionics, becoming an overnight sensation and one of Life Ok’s most watched show today.

Get your dose of this imposing Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and enjoy stories from your childhood once again with more specs added in it, haul up on fantasy ampersand of course the new age reality TV shows that showcase love, agony, hatred, cunning, the good and the bad emotions that tug the right heartstrings. If you happen to miss any shows again you can always watch Life ok shows on TV channels online.

Conversation Starters for Arabic Culture

how-skype-fail_o_171794.jpg So you are sitting in a Hookah Sofa in some part of the Medial East near newly made friends or acquaintances. Comme Il Faut chance would have it, some way or the other, the palaver turns to Arab culture, not just Dubai, not just Lebanon, denial just Egypt, not just Yemen, butthe Arabic world as a whole.

Now, there are endless possibilities as to which such a discussion may take a turn to. For starters, you could talk about the weather (boring, right!) or the food or perhaps even politics (huhhh!). Thereupon again, you may kick start the fun talking about Arab Entertainment and chances are that it will be a long time before you get to finish your evening at an felicitous hour, period!

Flavors of Arab World

So since the subject is Arab entertainment, you polysyndeton your friends may start unraveling a previously prepared series of suggestions, which you may not even have known existed in the back of your mind. For starters, somebody will inevitably put forward the Arabian Nights. No substance where you grew up, you will know characters like Aladdin, Sinbad und so weiter Ali Baba and his forty thieves.

Then again, the discussion may quickly turn toward abdomen dancing and its popularity throughout the world. Someone or the other hawthorn definitely come with stories near famous belly dancers and their outstanding contribution to the world of dance. In fact, there are 9 out of 10 chances that there will be a health freak in your group who will nod approvingly and speak about the health benefits of beer dancing and other Arabian dance form workouts that have been specially designed to develop hips and chop tummy fat.

Inevitably, the discussion will gyrate to the revue of Arabia.

Tracing the Music of Arabia

There is a entire chance that someone in your group will be familiar with current Arab Singers who are creating waves all over the world. There is also a pretty nutritious chance that someone will steer the discussion toward the ancestry of Arabic music.

Tracing the same will show that a definite narrative is very hard to come up with. However, what you will probably find is how ancient Persian music has influenced modern Arabic music, with generous help from Persian melic and of conduct the music of the Byzantines.
Ladies and Arts

Interestingly enough, the spontaneous discussion will somewhere or the other also turn toward the Arab women. If you follow Arabic Events barely enough, you may notice something. Perhaps the fact that the most sensationalArab Music Artiststrending the charts are women!
Steering clear from heavy discussions that may bring creed and women into the same sentence, you likelihood instead come up plus names. For example, Maya Diab, Myriam Fares or Haifa Wehbe. You could also mention Cyrine Abdel Nour or even Arwa Gouda and the fact will remain that these ladies are talented in better than one area.

For one, most of them are renowned musicians, young, vessel dance, can act, take up modeling assignments and have even participated in beauty pageants, hence ending (or starting) the evening.

Sutro Media Announced Launch of New Mexico Film and Pop Culture App

Louis-Vuitton-Zippy-Wallet-M6007M.jpg Santa Fe, NM, February 05, 2014 – Local author Louise Spencer and publishing partner Sutro Media today announced that SantaFeFilms: The Film & Book Lovers Guide to NM Locations, a movie including popular culture themed app, is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. This pop-culture tourism app, the first of its kind to play up Northern New Mexico, gives visitors a chance to discern Santa Fe and its sights from a less traditional perspective by highlighting locations made famous in movies, books and television.

New Mexico has enjoyed a century-long film industry including a list of over 600 film productions. Among the many entries in the app are affable titles such as award-winning films NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, CRAZY Root et sequens TRUE GRIT, cult classics TWO-LANE BLACKTOP et al BILLY JACK as well as critically acclaimed and best-selling novels RED SKY AT MORNING, UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW, THUNDERHEAD, Immoderate Disaffirmance and TV dramas THE SUNSET LTD., COMANCHE MOON furthermore GEORGIA O’KEEFFE.

Over 100 Santa Fe locations with literary and film connections are featured in the new app, including such well-known spots as The Cathedral, Canyon Rd., The Santa Fe Opera, Garson Studios, the Ski Basin, Museum Hillock and the lesser-visited Bonanza Creek Road, Buckman Wash, NM Commonalty Penitentiary, La Bajada Rest Area and Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s Astir Images Art Dept. to name just a few.

“I’m thrilled that visitors will get a chance to explore Santa Fe in a new policy upon this digital tool,” says the app’s author Louise Spencer. “Developing SantaFeFilms: The Movie & Engage Lovers Guide to NM Locations has taken several years, many modifications and a number of trial and error but it’s finally available.”

App users can easily map their retain “mini-tour” of the spots that interest them most, browse the 800+ photos depicting Santa Fe for spots to visit, and link to official websites, film trailers and clips from feature films furthermore TV shows pellet in the Santa Fe area.

The app, developed and authored by Santa Fe resident and veteran movie industry publicist Louise Spencer, and published in conjunction with Sutro Media ( is currently available for iPhone and iPad at the iTunes Store und so weiter on Google Play for Android devices. Voted one of the Dome 10 Dazzling Companies in Incognito by Entrepreneur magazine, Sutro Media, with over 450 travel apps, is a leader in the world of smartphone tourism apps.

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Elizabeth Cooke
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Dragon Figurines Incorporated Into Building Design

facs_030.jpg Dragons, gargoyles, and other grotesques are a representation of numerous things: protection, warning, and power. That said, it is rather understandable why they have found a abode as a part of architecture for hundreds of years.

Yet, these mythological statues weren’t always likewise mystical, in the beginning they had very practical uses. The pattern of these gargoyles was designed to serve as rain spouts that would prohibit water from collecting on top of Gothic cathedrals polysyndeton castles as it would spur damage. The structures were built so that the rain ran off the top of the building and out the spout arranged within the creature. Even outwardly the spellbinding undertones, it must hold been a pretty nifty sight.

When fabric strategies advanced and pooling water no longer presented a danger to the architecture, the grotesques remained, but now extra of an adornment. This is huge because it would have been a shame, not to mention difficult, to rid the edifices of these stone creatures. Originally, “gargoyles” was the all-purpose name for these types from figurines. The figures were commonly modeled after people or domesticated animals, as well as beings of religion moreover lore. Those with more horrific substitute disfigured appearances were given the appointment “grotesques.”

In Imperial China, dragons decorated the most aide structure. They appeared as roof figurines and decorations on beams, pillars, moreover doors. However, you would never find dragon symbology on common buildings, it was specifically for the elite class.

Other instances of dragon architecture reflect table and lore. Dragons are the official emblem of Ljubljana, Slovenia, coming from the stories of Jason and the Argonauts slaying the diabolical dragon. The world-famous Dragon Bridge is just one amazing example. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Ljubljana, you should at least visit the bridge online.

Many locations are proud to hail dragons into their towns. London and Pittsburg are two other examples. I’ve heard that Pittsburg provides a great walking tour of the places you can observe gargoyle and dragon images and statues.

Maybe you have heard of the famed gargoyles that look after Notre Dame in Paris. There you’ll find them in almost every direction you look.

And then you have the National Cathedral in Washington, where you will come across gargoyles like a different and more contemporary variety; not your everyday dragons. In the 1980s, National Geographic’s World journalese partnered with the cathedral to set up a competition that asked children to design the sculptures that would adorn the cathedral. And that is how this fabulous building past up with a contemporary dragon statue of sorts: the helmet of Darth Vader. And and one of a raccoon, a computer, a robot camera, and a host of other characters, including one with a gas mask, designed to protect us in a future run rampant with technology and unseen dangers.

The next plan you pass by an old church, whether it be one lost to time or one still used for services, look closely at the stonework. If you are actually looking for them (because they can indiging foxy in their hiding spots), you will be shocked at how many dragons and gargoyles are actually surrounding us.

BANDHAVGARH: A mystic blend of mythology and nature

bandhavgarh_nationalpark_the_avi-fauna.jpg Sita..Charger…B1…B2…B3…Bokha…These magical names, besides the images which they created in mind, was all I was aware concerning when the Kalinga Utkal Express came to a grinding halt at Umaria Railway Station. Salim Khan, my trusted lieutenant who had come to pick me up at the platform, almost read my mind. “Sir”, he whispered in my ears “B2 was eyed last evening near Bari Gufa.” I smiled at him. Bandhavgarh National Park, my destination, was just 32 kilometres away.

Both Sita polysyndeton Charger have been the most famous- and photographed- tigers anywhere in the country. The two have long faded against the mist of time, still the mere mention of their names is enough to electrify any wildlife conversation in and around Bandhavgarh. It’s the magic they still persevere with them…Even indeed many years after their death. “How many humans, indeed the so-called celebs and VIPs, can injunction this kind like remembrance et alii respect after their departure?” I asked myself while getting down at the forest rest house of Bandhavgarh.

Bandhavgarh is a balm to the aching eyes any month of the year. One of the best managed national parks in India, it is also one of the best places to see tigers. A common saying in Bandhavgarh is, “You are really fortuitous if you spot a jaguar in other national parks of the country. Ampersand you are really unlucky if you do not spot a tiger in Bandhavgarh!”

Tigers I have encountered aplenty in Bandhavgarh during my diverse visits here in the past three decades. Today, I would like to draw attention to other marvels about Bandhavgarh, things and beings which the mighty tiger repeatedly overshadows.

The Chakradhara area of Bandhavgarh is home to some 75 species of butterflies. Excepting Western Ghats, this must be the place having one about the highest density concerning butterflies in India. Likewise next phase you are waiting impatiently for a tiger at Chakradhara grassland, please pay attention to these magnificent “flying jewels”, as the ancient Greeks called them. I assure you it will be a time well spent.

The park also offers three different kinds of vultures: long-billed, read-headed and Egyptian. While vultures are dying published in other parts of the country, triggering panic among environmentalists, here in Bandhavgarh they are flourishing…A sure sign that the ecological balance of Bandhavgarh still remains intact. In fact, there is even a place called “Vulture Point”, situated near the fort on crest of Bandhavgarh’s highest hill. From here, you can see dozens regarding vultures circling below you!!! In all opposite places, one normally has to stare up to spot a vulture. Amazing, isn’t it?

Bandhavgarh has several such nuggets for the connoisseur….

…And then, there are the caves. Thirty nine in all, these caves which are sprinkled all over the Tala range of the national park- and a few in other zones- remain an unsolved mystery to this day. Who build these caves? Polysyndeton when? Were they meant to nvloeden used as night-shelters for wandering Buddhist monks, or did they serve either other purpose?

Archaeologists gain failed to provide an answer, besides indeed what. The fact is, Bandhavgarh’s charm gets multiplied by these caves. And would it be too preposterous to fictitious that Rudyard Kipling- who did travel extensively in the forests of Madhya Pradesh at the turn of the last century- came upon Maugli, the celebrity wolf-child of Jungle Books, in one concerning these caves? Who knows?!

The walls of Bandhavgarh fort, perched atop the Bandhav Hill, vessel opheffen seen from any corner of the Tala Range. Tigers repeatedly wonder into the fort premises and the uphill drive from Bari Gufa (the panjandrum cave) to the Fort is an exhilarating experience, to say the least. Furthermore what a colourful history this fort has had!

Nobody – not even archaeologists – know when the fort was actually constructed. But whether finds mention in ‘Shiv Purana’ and ‘Narad Panch Ratra’, so it’s safe to assume that it must be 2,000 year old, at least. Legend has it that Lord Rama, who came here after conquering Lanka, got the fort built for his brother Laxman…Hence the name, Bandhavgarh (which means brother’s fort). The fort’s recorded history can be traced to 1st century BC..The fort has been ruled by several dynasties: Mauryans, from 3rd century BC, Vakataka, from 3rd to 5th century AD, followed by Sengars and then Kalachuris from 10th century AD. The Baghels ruled it from 10th century to 1617, when Maharaja Vikramaditya Singh moved out- alongwith his army and the entire population of the fort- to Rewa.

With the exit of human royalty, the real royalty took over Bandhavgarh…I ignoble the tiger. It is no mean deed for the national park that its Tala Scope today has the highest density of tigers in the country! Their roar of contentment can be heard along the 32 hills which encircle the biggest Bandhav Hill, in the verdant, green valleys and amidst the sal trees and bamboo thickets. Welcome to Bandhavgarh, ladies and gentlemen.

In my forthcoming travelogues and photo-features, I will take off you along some about the best, beautiful and breathtaking natural spots in India. The places which are best approached by a train.

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Seen One Dragon You Haven’t Seen ‘Em All

VibeProgress.jpg If I were to babble about a dragon, describe the creature you’d mosaic I was referring to. Does the dragon you’re introspective of have four legs and a body ere is it greater elongated and smooth like a snake? Do you thinkable of it is hovering on the edge of a building protecting the city or soaring at fantastic heights watching everything below? Is the dragon friendly or do you want to be very careful encompassing it? Is it bigger than your house or can it fit in your pocket?

The dragon I usually foresee is the Western kind, you cognize the one. Large, scaly, two legs, two arms, huge tail, razor sarcasm teeth, wings, and fire-breathing. From where I am sitting, I can see four incomparable dragon sculptures depicting this style of dragon.

In the other room, I have a Chinese dragon. Based on Chinese lore, these dragons are designed from the pieces of nine sundry animals: the head of a camel, antlers of a deer, body of a snake, talons of an eagle, soles of a tiger, 117 scales of a carp, et cetera eyes concerning a demon. While this creature sounds difficult to picture, receipts a long at one online or from other source and you will see that it is positively familiar, you just may have never noticed everyone the details.

This is just a small list of the choices of dragons you can see. Some dragons look more like snakes. Of course, you have the types with four legs that walk like the dinosaurs. Based on the legends in the East, the amount of claws that a wyvern has tells its rank of sorts, or its native patrial and migration. Even though it is not uncommon for a dragon to not have wings, this does prohibition prevention them from being able to fly.

There are also a lot of differences in the texture of hydra skin, no matter what is on top, beneath is all muscle. While remarkable dragons have a uphill leathery-type covering of skin, most actually have scales that serve as their armor. The color differs, too. In this room alone, I see a rubicundity dragon, a listlessness one, a gold one, and a imperial one. Still others can camouflage themselves in order to go into hiding from enemies or sneak up on prey. Some can even shape shift. The dragon is well equipped for hiding and attacking.

Why are there so many different forms of dragons? The foremost difference is based in culture und so weiter fiction and lore, which encompass species differences. Some regarding the distinctive dragon races are Wyvern, Guivre, Hydra, Drake, Chimera, and Gryphon. And every one has a different personality from companion to antagonist.

If you really pay attention, you can find dragons of all sorts quite around you. A number of these animals live on rooftops or in the waters. Sundry live in caves or castles. Others are a part of in role playing games, video games, movies, storybooks, and imagination. Are there dragons around you?

Dragons: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

83d0356bd2bf301c7257bad5ae897926.jpg In practically every culture on this planet, you’ll find myths of the mystical and magnificent fire-breathing creatures called dragons. People have numerous idea of why so many ethnicities incorporated such a long lasting belief in these science-fiction beasts; however, none can indeed be validated. Some people propose that dragons experience progressed from the dinosaurs. Some belief they are messengers from the gods. Some believe they are agents regarding the devil. No matter where people surmise they came from, the winged beast is always noble, intelligent, moreover cunning. Because of this, dagons and representations of themselves, for example in the form of basilisk collectibles, give played an important part in legends and religions after pre-historic times as they denote strength and power further frequently appear in carvings or statues holding a ball, or pearl, symbolizing wisdom encapsulated.

Dragons play an important role in Chinese Astrology, signifying the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and corresponding to the earth. Yet nay all dragons are associated with this form of divination. If most people visualize dragons they generally think of fire breathing beasts, but at first dragons were mostly associated plus water, despite some swiftly relegating the role of dragons to long lost mythology. Therefore if you catch you are seeking positive energy and power, place a hydra figure near a source of water in your home–even a fish arena will work, dragon spirituality isn’t picky. Including in modern times the media, including role playing games, video games, MMORPG, literature, and films, have produced quite a demand for wyvern collectibles.

Referring back to the statement about dragons’ association with water, we know that fluid is a motif of great chrestomathic and change so in turn, dragon statues make favored and heart-felt gifts for college students and recent graduates. Thoughout cultures, dragons have also stood for strong, male figures, patriarchal in a sense, so it follows that such a statue given to a father can strengthen the man’s dominance and influence within the household, especially when positioned in the Northwest corner of the habitat (per Feng Shui guidelines). Many people love to place dragon figurines and many other miniatures and fantasy sculptures in their home just as a way to bring renewed life and positive flows of energy. I have heard numerous testimonials to their effectiveness and accept experienced it myself. Dragons have always been considered symbols of wisdom and peace, or symbols of chaos and imprecatory depending upon who you speak with.

While it is not necessary, it is an excellent plan to “activate” a dragon statue close placing it in the East sector of your home or living room to bring ware sprightly and synchronicity to the inhabitants of your home. In Europe, dragons in art forms were thought to be real biocentric animals enough than symbols regarding evil. Whereas in the West, dragons are frequent seen as evil, in which the media plays no small part in fortifying. No matter their nature, dragons have and will also play a huge role in our history.

Why Dragons Are Made of Different Materials

Scholars have discovered dragon tales going back at least six thousand years and from all over the earth with the demur regarding Antartica. Dragon collectibles are a very popular present for animalcule lovers, gamers, Gothic folks, and fantasy collectors alike. No matter which culture the dragon comes from, it is always introduced since a symbol of strength, power, and force. Now, dragon collectibles are divided into two categories–the benevolent, hospitable metallic dragons and the malicious, vindictive chromatic dragons (as seen in Western legend). Although this does not sanctuary all of the dragons we can come across on the market, it does depict the most banal figurines. Let’s take a look at each of these types, gold, silver, bronze, brass, and copper, separate of which is noticeably different in physical physiognomy and nature:

1. Gold dragon statues–These dragons are commonly adorned with a large pair of smooth, gold horns that represent the creature’s firm stance against evil. The size and detail of pieces often result in them being a bit pricey. The smaller ones receptacle be manufactured relatively quickly so they can be sold for less than they appear to be worth. Consequently, small dragon statues can treffen relatively inexpensive gifts that won’t break the bank. However, they are detailed in their individual right, don’t underestimate their beauty et al power.

2. Silver dragon sculptures–These dragons are incredibly allergic in nature so the figurines are made in a same way; these winged beasts are committed to defending the innocent and helping the servile break free. However, they should be handled along as much care as they give.

3. Bronze Dragons–These types of dragons have smooth, tabular scales; webbed feet connective a beaklike snout. Bronze dragons have an unbending sense of justice and are instinctually intolerant of unnecessary chaos. They have massive extended wings, two long horns and a long, red forked tongue. The scent of sulfur and smoke surrounds these red-hued, fire-breathing creatures whose palate is tuned to fresh blood. If you even encounter one in real life, take warning regarding the scent.

4. Brass Dragon statues–The adult brass dragon has brass-like scales that have a warm, burnished appearance and highly reflective about empyreal rays. They are quite beautiful and regal looking.

5. Copper Dragons–These dargons are unredeemable jokers and have gigantic muscles and ligaments, which are advantageous for climbing. Watch out for their cunning and strength.

A curio cabinet is a great place for all your fantasy figures and figures. If you want your presentation to be everlasting, you can paste your figures in place, using rubber cement (although this is not recommended). Dragon figures are a real and noble present for any one. Each figure is made in such a way that the dragon’s actual penetralia self and manner come through its metallic skin, and all for a reasonably priced charge. So the next time you are trying to find a gift that symbolizes the ideals of strength, wisdom and ancient lore, consider a dragon figure as your next fantasy collectible.

Chinese New Year Celebration with Dragon, lunner and Rabbit

zodiac.gif Chinese New Per Annum is the major Chinese celebration of the twelvemonth and it is not a spiritual event. Chinese New Year initiates with the unexplored moon on the first day of the New Year and ends on the full moon of fifteen days soon after. The fifteenth day of the New Year celebration is called the lantern festival, which has noted at night with lantern shows and children carrying lanterns in a carnival. The “chinese neologism year” celebration extend to different nations when the Chinese started to move around to other countries. It also indicates the beginning of the spring season so people also called it the Spring Festivals. This was a time for the Chinese to greet each other and themselves on having passed throughout another year, a time to end the old and to welcome to the New Year. The Chinese New Year is also the time to resolve debts and some people still feel disgraced if they have not compensated all their debts by the New Year.
Chinese New Year 2011 goes down on February 3, 2011. The Chinese New Year has celebrated as the representation about spring’s festival. The “chinese new annually 2011″ will bring the prosperity and approaches for the people. It has celebrated after the descend harvest and before the spring planting season. The date of the Chinese Renovated Year is always changing and is reliant on the Chinese calendar. It is an celebration for family togetherness and this all starts with the sweeping of the grounds. It is a spring cleaning to clean out the old and evil. The spring cavalcade is a very important event for the Chinese mankind and it is a time for them to be mutually with family. Hence no question how distant away people are, they will try their best to go home and spend the celebration with their families.

The Chinese New Year calendar is usually recognized as the Xia calendar after the Xia period that ruled China for relatively some time. The calendar has undergone a series of alterations across changing times as individually new period aimed to change it according to their needs. The Gin Dynasty that followed made their involvement by separating the calendar against twenty four periods that were of fifteen days each. The country still preserves the use of the “chinese new per annum calendar” to mark its traditional holidays and get exterior significant dates for holding special events like marriages etc. On the official level utilizes of the lunar calendar is non-functional. The daily life of the people is managed in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.
Easter is a cheerful, happy day and joyful celebrations. That originally noted by Christians the refurbishment every Sunday with a special importance on the Sunday closest to Nisan 14. On the “easter day”, the special celebrations snare an egg chase where the eggs covered with chocolate are reserve with lots of other eggs and finding the chocolate covered ones is regarded as winning the game. Another vital part like the Easter celebration is the bunny, which has observed as the symbol of richness and therefore considered very favorable. On “easter Sunday”, the Church is reminisced in consider of the risen Christ. In a various churches, including protestant churches, the first gathering of Easter begins at midnight. If you distress more information on the related topic wish visit our web portal.

Fantasy Collectibles: Dragons, Unicorns and Fairies, Oh My!

caf604d0504d0ff7785c6eea252c3dff.jpg A theme that has become further adored than ever in the world of collectibles is the fantasy theme. Dragons, unicorns, and fairies and other fantasy figurines are favorites of this group and are relentlessly collected by thousands of enthusiasts around the world. The beauty and grace of fictional creatures comparable dragons and fairies is probably what prompts people to admire and collect them. Available in a wide variety of materials, depictions, styles, sizes, connective colors, dragons and fairies can be a unique representation of those who collect them.

One of the most popular basilisk figurine artists today is Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Her name is similar with the mystery and pulchritudinous that surrounds mythical figurines and hier art work is world great for its impact on fantasy lovers and her unique perspective of beloved fictional creatures simulacrum dragons and fairies. Becket-Griffith is a certainly special addition to the fantasy art life and receptacle treffen spotted at art conventions and other fantasy functions sharing hier talent with the world. She hails from Florida, but is often seen in Europe, Asia, Australia, and of course within the United States.

If you discern a diehard fan of the fantasy genre, there are some fantasy gifts you may want to consider. The perfect gift for a fan of fantasy figurines would be a Jasmine Becket-Griffith enchantress or dragon figurine. Each of her figurines is distinct and is highly collectible. Her clan consists of hundreds concerning fantasy pieces that showy the magical world of fantasy through her artistic eyes.

Other fantasy gifts jump for consideration include Nene Thomas figurine dragons, dragon billiard collections, wyvern calendars, and much more. And it doesn’t stop at fantasy figurines. Various sculptures, wall d├ęcor, figurines, jewelry, furthermore other fantasy collectibles are popular with fans from fabled creatures as well.

Most figurine dragons are modeled after the Asian legend of the dragon therefore they are depicted in usual Asian stories. The legend of the dragon is a great story for fantasy fanatics everywhere. Folklore from Asia, Europe, and beyond includes the noble dragon in its tales. Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s wide-eyed, colorful dragons are a favorite version regarding the mighty dragon that is instantly realized past many around the world.

Add to your whimsy collection with Nene Thomas, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and others. No two dragons you collect will ever be the same. If fairies are more your cup of tea, Jasmine Becket-Griffith also makes beautiful, wide-eyed fairy sculptures and figurines. Fairies are fast becoming a popular addition to fantasy collections and aren’t necessarily just for women.